Abby Opel's Wiki Biography, age, measurements, husband (2024)


  • 1 Who is Abby Opel?
  • 2 Early Life and Education: Growing up in Maryland
  • 3 Career: A hustling model
  • 4 Love Life: Who is her husband?
  • 5 Her YouTube channel
  • 6 Abby on the internet
  • 7 What is Abby Opel’s Net Worth?
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  • Background and Early Life: Abby Opel, born on February 27, 1995, in Maryland, USA, is a 28-year-old adult model, Instagram influencer, and social media personality. She gained recognition through her active presence on various social media platforms and media outlets. Abby, known for her daring online modeling work, has an older sister named Lottie.
  • Education: Abby initially enrolled at Frostburg State University in Maryland but decided to focus on her modeling career in 2017, opting not to complete her college education.
  • Career Development: She started her own website to support her career as a model, offering various subscription options for fans. Abby describes herself as a ‘bare adventurer’ and provides her subscribers with uncensored content, reflecting her approach to modeling.
  • Personal Life: Abby is married to Andrew Keith, a fitness trainer and model. The couple reportedly dated for about five years before getting married. They currently do not have children and haven’t announced any plans for expanding their family.
  • Online Presence and Net Worth: Abby maintains an active online presence, including platforms like Instagram, Patreon, and OnlyFans, focusing on expanding her audience and subscriber base for her adult modeling business. Her net worth is estimated to be close to $5 million. Abby also has a YouTube channel, although it is not her primary focus, and she has not developed significant content there.

Who is Abby Opel?

Born Abigail Opel under the water sign of Pisces on the 27th of February 1995, in an unspecified part of Maryland USA, Abby Opel is a 28-year-old adult model, Instagram influencer and social media personality. She’s definitely most widely recognized due to how prominent across various social media sites and several media outlets, thanks to her successful online modeling venture, most prominently for not being shy to show some skin to the camera in various photoshoots. Besides that, she is not known to have taken on any other ventures during her impressive modeling career since 2015.

Our evening plans

— Abby Opel (@abbyopel) January 31, 2024

Early Life and Education: Growing up in Maryland

She has an older sister named Lottie of an unknown calling, who has a six-year-old daughter. Abby enrolled into Frostburg State University in Maryland, where she pursued an unspecified degree until 2017, when she decided she’d rather model online instead of finishing her studies. She is not known to have been interested in college since then.

Full NameAbigail Opel
Known ForAdult Modeling, Instagram Influencing
ProfessionAdult Model, Social Media Personality
OccupationModel, Influencer
EducationAttended Frostburg State University
Net WorthEstimated close to $5 million
SpouseAndrew Keith
SiblingsOlder sister named Lottie
Date of BirthFebruary 27, 1995
Zodiac SignPisces
Place of BirthMaryland, USA
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorLight Brown
Height5ft 3ins (160cm)
Social ProfilesInstagram, YouTube (not actively maintained), Patreon, OnlyFans

Career: A hustling model

Abby eventually started up her very own website, on which her fans are able to choose from several subscriptions to show support for everything she does. She likes to think that she is a ‘bare adventurer’, and as a result, her subscribers get access to her uncensored content.

Abby Opel's Wiki Biography, age, measurements, husband (1)

Love Life: Who is her husband?

Abby Opel’s husband is Andrew Keith, a fitness trainer and model with his own website that offers life performance enhancements. The two are thought to have dated for an extended period prior to joining hands in matrimony, approximately five years as authoritative data would suggest. Together, they have no children for the moment, and have not yet announced plans regarding any further expansion of their family.

Her YouTube channel

While Abby does also have her own YouTube channel, she can’t exactly be called a YouTuber for the moment, due to the lack of content and development. At this time, it looks as though she isn’t dedicated to growing her fan base here, though some remain hopeful that she will continue uploading personal fitness videos, such as this one – uploaded on the 5th of March 2019 and entitled “Valentine’s Day yoga fun”, the video features Abby performing in various yoga positions, and is her first fitness video.

Abby on the internet

Besides the all-too-familiar social media networks such as Instagram, Abby and her content can also be found on sites including Patreon and OnlyFans. They have approximately the same purpose for the model – obtaining a greater audience and gaining more fans and loyal subscribers for her adult modeling business, which can be concluded from reading how she describes herself in her profile. Among other things, Abby says ‘Follow our adventures! Purchase one of my nude yoga fine art prints or subscribe to my private photo access and gain all my naked-in-nature photos, uncensored photos, videos, BTS and more.’

What is Abby Opel’s Net Worth?

Wealth is close to $5 million.

Body stats

  • Height 5ft 3ins (160cm)
  • Hair is dark brown
  • Eyes are light brown
Abby Opel's Wiki Biography, age, measurements, husband (2024)


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