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HelpNeededto Honor Veterans

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May 22, 2013 Page 2Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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By Yvonne MillerKiowa’s City Council covered a wide

variety of business last Monday night. The council held a changing of the guards as newly elected council members R.L. Simpson and Tom Wells took their seats at the board table.

Brian Hill and Brandon Poland, nei-ther of whom filed to retain their posi-tions, sat in their council seats for the fi-nal time at the first of the meeting. Then City Clerk Marlo Yandel led new council members Simpson and Wells in the oath of office.

Mayor Brandon Farney opened with prayer and led the meeting with all other members present, including Bill Watson (who was reelected board president), Russel Molz and Mark Lambert.

With Simpson’s position on city coun-cil, he submitted a letter of resignation from his seat on Kiowa’s Planning Com-mission.

The council also accepted the resig-nation of Gerald Darger from the Kiowa Library Board. So both of those seats are open.Hospital and Motel Cost of Water Line

With the building of the new Kiowa District Hospital on the south end of Kio-wa, months ago the issue of accessing city water at the new site was addressed.

At that time, the city council agreed to pay 25 percent of the cost of the $60,000 project. That was for part of the water loop. The city determined it needed a full loop at the recommendation of the fire chief.

The council and hospital officials knew plans for the new Kiowa Motel lo-

cated just north were in the works. The council realized the motel would need to tie-in to the water line in time. That issue was on council’s agenda Monday night.

After lengthy discussion, the council agreed to stick with paying their 25 per-cent of the cost for this second half of the water loop. Total cost of this half of loop is $36,368, Law confirmed. So the city’s share is $9,092. The remaining 75 percent of the cost will be shared by the motel and hospital.

Law broke it down per foot. This part of the loop has 1,028 feet water main pipe, which equates to $26.533 cost per square foot. He said the motel’s distance between tie-in to the eight-inch water main line is 470 feet. That makes the mo-tel’s cost $12,470.

Law explained the motel’s cost in-cludes the motel’s benefit fee. This ben-efit fee assessment goes against property not in an original improvement district. The council passed Resolution No. 257, which implements the benefit fee.

The council approved spending an ad-ditional $10,250 on extending 400 feet of eight-inch main water line, which will complete the loop up to the east side of Fifth and Holmes streets. This will be at a cost of $25.625 per foot instead of the projected future cost of $35.377. They can get this done while Mies Construction is here working. Law explained this will not only be a cost-savings to the city but also avoid later tearing up the hospital’s new roadwork.

Police Request Drug Dog PurchasePolice Chief Steven Johnson said his

department is “staying busy.” The chief confirmed the new taser arrived.

Kiowa Police Officer Robert Mc-Glothlin spoke to the council about how the community will benefit financial and in other ways by having a drug dog. He asked for the council’s approval to do fundraising within the community to help with the purchase. The officer said that is how many communities have paid for their drug dog.

The officer said that he spoke to the head of Kiowa oilfield business Experi-tech, who said he will donate toward a drug dog. McGlothlin said that man told him they drug test every job applicant and about half test positive.

Officer McGlothlin said this dog has won first in several contests, is obedi-ent and costs $13,000. McGlothlin said he would be his handler and someone at Medicine Lodge is willing to provide food for the dog.

When asked about Sheriff Justin Rugg, who recently retired his drug dog, Officer McGlothlin said Rugg is now too busy to get another dog. McGlothlin said the city could benefit as the drug dog could produce revenue with more arrests and items confiscated and would be avail-able to help in other investigations.

“I think we can at least break even,” McGlothlin said, speaking from informa-

Motel and hospital water lines, drug dog considered, water/sewer operator named

See Kiowa Page 4

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May 22, 2013 Page 4Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Starlet Canaan and Jack James (Welch) have announced their engage-ment. Starlet is the daughter of Willie and Casey Canaan and the late Barbara Canaan of Alva. Starlet’s grandparents are Don and Sue Canaan of Alva and Sue Litton and the late Harvard Litton of Alva. Starlet enjoys working with chil-dren as a paraprofessional for the Alva Public Schools. She is also the director of the after school program for the Lu-theran Day Care.

Jack is the son of Carol Fox of Enid and David Welch of Texas. Jack’s grand-parents are Eva Welch and the late Carl Welch of Alva as well as the late Earl and Pat Alcorn of Enid. Jack has three children, Arthur, Taylor and Sarah. Jack is employed at Lehl and Son Water Well Drilling of Alva.

The couple will join in marriage with immediate family at the Chero-kee Courthouse on Friday, May 31,. Jack and Starlet would like to invite all friends and family to join them in their celebration at the Women’s Building at the Alva Fairgrounds on Saturday, June 8, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Canaan – James (Welch) announce engagement

Jack James and Starlet Canaan

tion he gained from other communities that have dogs.

Council member Molz said before the city considers spending money on a drug dog, “We need to pay our other officer be-yond the poverty level.”

City Attorney Laurel McClellan said from his experience, he’s concerned about the amount of revenue. However, if the council does consider a dog he sug-gests buying the more expensive one for accuracy.

The council gave the officer approval to pursue more information.

Action Following Executive SessionsAfter nearly 40 minutes of executive

sessions at the end of the meeting, the council approved amending City Attor-ney Laurel McClellan’s contract. He’ll now receive $90 per hour instead of $80.

The council approved hiring a water/sewer operator to assist James Duvall. That is Nathan Lambert, who will get $12 per hour and an additional 50 cents per hour as he obtains more training certifi-cates during a one-year provisional peri-od. Councilman Mark Lambert abstained from voting since Nathan is his son.

Other City of Kiowa BusinessRepresenting Kiowa’s Senior Citizens

Center, President Anita Birdwell and Vice President Corrine Harding told the coun-cil they would like to sell their portion of the van purchased in 2010.

“That’s because it just sits there,” Bedwell said. “It’s barely used.” She said it’s “too high and no one can get in it. We need something low.” The council agreed to look for the best deal to accommodate the seniors.

The council approved annual appoint-ments: Municipal Judge Jon Von Achen, Police Chief Steven Johnson, City Clerk Marlo Rugg, Prosecuting Attorney Laurel McClellan, Treasurer Rex Zimmerman.

The city’s annual insurance contract renewal for all aspects of city coverage was approved with the premium $51,900. That’s an increase of 5.83 percent. Coun-cil member Bill Watson abstained, as he is the agent and owner of Insurance Profes-sionals in Kiowa.

The council approved having Foley run scheduled maintenance of the city generator and purchasing electrical line and street materials.

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May 22, 2013 Page 8Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Jim and Fawn Kingcade of Alva and Vaughn and Karla Kennemer of Elk City are pleased to announce the engagement

and upcoming marriage of their children Jaznee Kingcade and Kole Kennemer.

Jaznee is a graduate of Alva High School and a 2012 graduate of North-western Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in kinesiology and health science education. She is cur-rently employed as an allergy specialist for United Allergy Services in Sayre. She is the granddaughter of Terry and Jane Budy of Alva and Connie Kingcade of Enid. Great grandparents are Neal Per-cival Sr. of Hopeton and Curtis and Imo-gene Mays of Del City.

Kingcade – Kennemer announce engagement

Brittney Kletke and Aaron Dishman of McAlester are thrilled to announce their engagement.

The bride-to-be is the daughter of Jeff Kletke and the late Shelly Kletke. She is the granddaughter of Barbara Kletke and the late Edward Kletke and Larry and Pat Smith, all of Alva.

The groom-to-be is the son of David and Dianne Dishman of Wichita, Kan. He is the grandson of Marvin and Polly Dishman of Tucson, Ariz., and Jack and Tonia Canizaro of Southhaven. Miss.

Brittney and Aaron both attend Okla-

Kletke – Dishman announce engagement

Aaron Dishman and Brittney Kletke

homa State University in Stillwater, where they originally met.

Brittney graduated with a Bachelor of Science in applied sociology/crimi-nal law. She is currently employed at the Pittsburg County Courthouse as a criminal misdemeanor court lerk. Aaron graduated with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering. He is currently employed at Textron Defense Systems as a mechanical engineer.

Brittney and Aaron are planning a September 2013 wedding in Wichita, Kan.

Jaznee Kingcade and Kole Kennemer

Kole is a graduate of Elk City High School and a 2012 graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is current-ly employed at CUDD Energy Services in Elk City and is the music director for First Baptist Church Sentinel. He is the grandson of Bob and Lynn Kennemer and Larry and Suzie Spieker of Elk City.

The couple will be united in marriage on June 29 at the First Baptist Church in Elk City. After their honeymoon to Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, the couple will make their home in Elk City.

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By Lynn L. MartinDuring the last couple of weeks, I’ve

received notices in my email account with a subject line of “If your friends see this they will prob-ably think differently of you.”

Another headline in the same piece reads, “AWFUL per-sonal info was posted about you.”

What these shy-sters are doing is trying to scare you into clicking on a link that reads, “viewing your case #; 4544334.......”

I imagine most everyone has skel-etons in their closet. That’s what church is for. You go to church and learn to re-pent and overcome your skeletons with Jesus’s help.

These fellows will want to sell you a search of the Internet of “personal” records. Commonly the search is “free” until you make a hit. Then they will want you to get your credit card out and pay them so you may see what “details” they have.

The information they supply will have been picked up from free websites

May 22, 2013 Page 12Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Lynn Says

Watch out – your pocketbook is at risk

operated by most state agencies. If you have been sued in a court of record for not paying your bills, then that informa-tion will generally live forever on the internet. Just as it will live forever on paper within your local courthouse.

Courthouse records are nearly al-ways available for free public inspection except for a few exceptions involving minors, adoption matters and records sealed by judges. The freedom to inspect those records has generally existed since the beginning of courthouses. About the only thing the Internet presence does is permit you to search from your easy chair at home rather than having to drive downtown and physically visit the court house.

One of the lines in the email “warn-

ing” you about this reads, “The sooner you do something, the less detrimental it will be on your life. Don’t risk losing the people you care about for something you didn’t know about.”

In most cases, you can’t do anything about it as the piece suggests. If I got a speeding ticket in Oklahoma County a couple years ago, merely paying some-one so you can look at the record is not going to make the history of the ticket go away. And very likely, the people you care about already know about your past mistakes anyway.

I would say many people do far more damage to themselves with unthinking posts on social networks such as Face-book. I’ve seen some who write posts blasting their boss or their workplace. That causes me to make a mental note, “Don’t make the mistake of hiring this person as I don’t want them writing about me or this workplace.”

Even though the federal government has gone to great lengths to keep your medical information private, many peo-ple will “tell all” on Facebook, outlining how their frequent headaches keep them missing school or work. (Bingo, another mental note. We sure don’t like absen-teeism at our place.)

So my advice is don’t click on the link reading, “See what was listed.” It will save you from the temptation of spending money on something you can’t do anything about anyway … except to be sure and live a clean life so more in-formation is not added to the records.

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May 22, 2013 Page 17Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

By Alex ColeMike Andrews of the Oklahoma De-

partment of Transportation attended the meeting on Monday to discuss county road inventory results. He began by de-scribing how the results are obtained. He stated, “My guys are the ones that go out and do the legwork on this. What we’ve done is GPS all the roadways, and we’re still improving the accuracy on the mile-age.” He said the database is updated af-terward, and details are added to it such as estimated surface types. He laid a color-coded map in front of the commis-sioners and asked them to review it for any corrections that needed to be made. A motion was made afterward for approval.

The commissioners approved minutes from the previous meeting, M & O war-rants for payment and blanket purchase orders.

Also voted for approval was a con-tract with Canadian County Juvenile De-

tention Center, which will allow Alfalfa County to utilize the center.

The next agenda item approved was an oil and gas division order for a well called Henthorn 1J-14.

It was approved for the county clerk to go out on six-month bids and bids for a brush rig, a heavy duty rescue vehicle, for Jet Rescue.

The commissioners voted to elect Kaci Mead as the receiving officer for Al-falfa County Election Board.

Road crossing permits were approved and totaled $20,750. There were 17 per-mits total when combining the three dis-tricts. District 1 totaled $9,250; District 2 totaled $7,625 and District 3 came to a total amount of $3,875.

Alfalfa County Commissioners shown county road inventory results

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May 22, 2013 Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram Page 18

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May 22, 2013 Page 22Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram


MITCHELL MURPHYKIOWA, Kan. – A Celebration of Life

Memorial service for Mitchell Murphy, 18, was held Saturday, May 18, at 10:30 a.m. at the Barber County Fairgrounds in Hardtner, Kan. Burial followed in the Riverview Cemetery. Arrangements are by Lanman Funeral Home, Inc., of Kio-wa, Kan. Condolences may be shared with the family at Memorials may be made to Ar-ralynn Murphy Education Fund estab-lished with the Peoples Bank and given to the funeral home.

William Mitchell Murphy, son of Jen-nifer Anderson Wolf and William Mat-thew Murphy (Matt), was born on Oct. 22, 1994, in Manhattan, Kan. He passed away on May 13, 2013, near Kiowa. He attended Atchinson County Commu-nity Elementary School in Effingham, Kan., until first grade and then later at-tended school at South Barber in Kiowa.

SADIE GOODWINMemorial services for Sadie Good-

win,103, will be 10 a.m. Saturday, May 25, at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Alva, with Clayton Forrest officiating. Arrange-ments are under the direction of Marshall Funeral Home of Alva.

Sadie Goodwin, daughter of Harry

and Smithy Horne, was born Sept. 9, 1909, in Fountain, N.C., and passed away May 11, 2013, at St. Mary’s Hos-pital in Enid.

She was the loving wife of the late Charles Goodwin of Greenville, S.C. She worked at the Federal Telephone and Radio Corp. Of New Jersey for 20 years.

She is survived by her daughter, Vel-ma Forrest of Alva.

WAYNE ALLEN LEAMONFuneral services for Wayne Allen

Leamon will be Thursday, May 23, at 10:30 a.m. at Daco-ma United Methodist Church with Rever-end John Bizzell of-ficiating. Burial will follow in Garrison Cemetery. Wharton Funeral Chapel is in charge of arrange-

ments. Online condolences may be made at

Wayne Allen, son of Marion Lela (Peters) and Oliver A. Leamon, was born on April 15, 1928, in Oklahoma City. He passed away at his home in Dacoma on May 19, 2013, at the age of 85 years, 1 month and 4 days.

Wayne attended school in Wichita, Kan., and Lambert before graduating from Dacoma High School in 1945. He was an outstanding baseball and basket-ball player in high school at Lambert and Dacoma. After high school, he attended Northwestern State College.

On Sept. 3, 1948, in Dacoma, Wayne was married to Wanda Jean Whittet. To their marriage there were three daugh-ters: Connie, Cathy and Christa.

Following their marriage they made

their home in Dacoma where he farmed and ran cattle. Wayne served on the boards of the Dacoma Farmers Coop-erative and the Federal Land Bank of Western Oklahoma. In recent years, he enjoyed driving around with his border collie Dally to check on his cattle, wheat and oil wells.

Wayne was an avid golfer and a member of the Alva Golf and Country Club, Alva Elks Lodge, Alva Moose Lodge and Masonic Lodge.

He was preceded in death by his wife Jeanie and his parents.

Wayne is survived by three daughters and their husbands: Connie and Mike Mitchel of Woodward, Cathy and Steve Hickman of Cherokee, and Christa and Dean Hughes of Carmen.

Grandchildren and great-grandchil-dren are Rep. Jeffrey and Jana Hickman and Taylor, Ashley and Austin; Mikela and Mark Williams and Kaden; Jeremy and Megan Hickman and Holly; Jay and Micol Mitchel and London; Andrea and Jay Lohmann and Jordan, Jagger and Adley; Aaron and Dana Hughes and Drake and Aubree; and Jared and Haley Mitchel; as well as numerous nephews, nieces, other relatives and friends.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Pioneer Spirit Foundation in Cherokee for the Wayne and Jeanie Leamon Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Mitchell participated in football, basket-ball, 4-H and FFA. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, listening to music, farming and hanging out with friends and family.

Mitchell is survived by his daughter Arralynn Murphy and her mother Jenelle Tillotson; his parents Jennifer and Terry Wolf and Matt and Tammy Murphy; six sisters, Brooke and Clarissa Murphy and Lacee, Amber, Kayla and Shanea Wolf; brother Jarrett Roy; grandparents Bever-ly Anderson, Norma Murphy and Terry and Kathy Wolf along with many aunts, uncles and friends.

Mitchell was preceded in death by great-grandparents, Clarence and LaFerne Anderson; grandpa, William Walker Murphy (Jeff).

DAVID LEE PERFECTGraveside memorial services for

David Lee Perfect will be at 2 p.m. Sat-urday, May, 25, at the Alva Municipal Cemetery under the direction of Marshall Funeral Home of Alva.

David Lee Per-fect was born June 5, 1938, in Cassville, Mo., to Eldon Mar-

vin Perfect and Vera Sweeney Perfect and died December 31, 2012, in Tal-lahassee, Fla., at the age of 74 years, 6 months and 26 days.

On January 18, 1961, he married Georgia Wallace in Alva. He graduated from Alva High School in 1956 and attended Northwestern State College in Alva and graduated from Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa with an Associate of Arts in police science. He was an airman second class REGAF in the United States Air Force and held top secret clearance (air policeman).

While David and Georgia lived in Ponca City he worked for the Ponca City Police Department where he held two different positions: criminal and traffic investigation as a patrolman and desk sergeant. David also held the posi-tion of barracks officer at Ponca Military Academy. David is perhaps best known for owning and operating Dave’s Per-fect Burger. He was a gracious host and

See Obits Page 32

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May 22, 2013 Page 26Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

For years, members of the American Legion and some of their friends have been meeting to put out the flags for Me-morial weekend to honor our veterans. This year this group is no longer able to do this service due to age and health.

Needing help to honor our veteransThey are needing help. If you are inter-ested in helping place the flags on every service member’s grave-site at the Alva Cemetery, then your service is needed. We will meet at the cemetery Thursday, May 23, at 6 p.m. to put flags out and

then will meet on Tuesday, May 28, at 6 p.m. to pick them back up. This is a much-needed and appreciated commu-nity service honoring our fallen com-rades. Please give a little of your time to thank our heroes.

Each year on Memorial Day at 11 a.m. the little one-room schoolhouse on Highway 64 in Alfalfa County comes back to life. That is when the Short Springs Cemetery Association holds its annual meeting. This year’s event will

feature music by Gladys Nokes and Mar-garet Smith. Since these two usually per-form as the comedy duo Smith’n’Nokes, few know that they also are talented mu-sicians performing Americana music on

hammered dulcimer and autoharp. This year’s program will focus on the actual cemetery and its history. Founded in 1901 the cemetery predates statehood. A potluck lunch will follow the meeting.

Short Springs Cemetery Association to hold annual meeting

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May 22, 2013 Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram Page 30

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May 22, 2013 Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram Page 31

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May 22, 2013 Page 32Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram


Watts passed away on May’ 16 at the Kiowa Hospital District Manor. Funeral services were held on Monday, May 20, at 1 p.m. at the Grace Bible Fellowship Church in Kiowa, Kan. Burial followed in the Hardtner-Elwood Cemetery. Ar-rangements are by Lanman Funeral Home, Inc., of Kiowa. Condolences may be shared with the family at

Mollie was born on May 10, 1930, at Gerlane, Kan., to Ulrich Harbaugh and Mable Hensley Harbaugh. She gradu-ated from Medicine Lodge High School and later graduated from beauty college. She and Robert Watts were united in marriage on August 6, 1950, and to that union four children were born. Mollie was a lifetime Barber County resident. She attended the Grace Bible Fellowship Church in Kiowa. She was a member of the VFW axillary, Barber County Cow-belles and Hardtner UMW.

She was preceded in death by her par-ents; husband Robert M. Watts; brothers Albert Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh; and sisters Ruth Chapin, Faye Gilmore and Betty Garten.

She is survived by her four children, Gary Watts and wife Karen of Hardtner, Kan.; Tony Watts and wife Wendy of Montezuma, Kan.; Mark Watts and wife Connie of Medicine Lodge, Kan.; Mary Nunley and husband Mark of Kailua Kona, Hawaii; nineteen grandchildren; eighteen great grandchildren; one broth-er, Jacob Harbaugh; and sister-in-law Helen Harbaugh.

Memorials may be made to the Al-zheimer’s Support Group, Southwind Hospice, Friends of the Kiowa Hospital/Manor Foundation or the South Barber Scholarship Fund and given to the fu-neral home.

From Page 22 Obitsloved to meet his customers. David was ordained as a deacon in the First Unit-ed Presbyterian Church while living in Ponca City.

David retired and with his wife moved to Oklahoma City in 1979. Da-vid was an avid golfer and loved to inter-act with people. He lit up a room when he walked into it. He was the life of the party. His sense of humor and personal-ity were bigger than life itself.

He was preceded in death by his par-ents, his wife Georgia Wallace Perfect of Oklahoma City and brother Loren Per-fect of Oklahoma City.

David is survived by son Steven B. Perfect and wife Felecia A. Elmore Per-fect of Tallahassee, Fla.; brother Leon Perfect and wife Verna Lee of Alva; sis-ter Sally Wiersig and husband Larry of Alva; sister Vicki Keesee and husband Tom of Yukon; and an extended family of in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, niec-es, nephews and many friends and loved ones.

Contributions may be made through the funeral home in David’s memory to the Alzheimer’s Association or the char-ity of your choice.

Remembrances may be shared with the family at

man and passed away at her home on May 14, 2013.

Her mother, Della, died during the 1918 flu epidemic. Her father married Floy Norris in 1919. The family moved to Cherokee in 1920. Marie graduated from Cherokee High School in 1932. She attended Northwestern State Teach-ers College (now Northwestern Okla-homa State University) where she met and married Ernest W. Hansen on June 24, 1934. They moved to Alva where they raised their three children. Marie worked at Warricks and McClains Shoe stores, the Alva Review-Courier (as so-ciety editor), Riggs Supply in Alva and Vic’s Etc. in Cherokee.

She married Theodore Pshigoda on October 5, 1972, in York, N.C. She loved to garden and quilt. She won many ribbons for her garden show, county fair and quilt show entries. She belonged to the Domesticates Extension Group, Mothers Culture Club, Iris Garden Club, Christian Women’s Fellowship, Faith Circle and the Tuesday morning Bible study group at the First Christian Church of Cherokee.

She was a member of Oklahoma Quilters State Organization, the Central Oklahoma Quilter’s Guild and the Cher-okee Piecemaker’s Guild.

Marie is survived by her husband Theodore of Cherokee; children James (Kristina) Hansen of Castle Rock, Colo.; Lois (Gene) Lyon of Bethany; and Steve (Violet) Hansen of Alva. She also leaves nine grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her parents, siblings Frank Jr. Leatherman, Kenneth Leatherman, Lois Duschene and Della Floy Horton and first husband, E. W. Hansen.

In lieu of flowers memorials may

be given to Ross Hospice or Midway Sunday School Class of the First Chris-tian Church through Goodwin Funeral Home.

MARIE B. PSHIGODAA memorial service for Marie Belle

Pshigoda, 99, was held at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21, at the First Christian Church in Cherokee with Rev. Tom Stanley and Rev. Gene Spillman offici-ating. Arrangements were under the di-rection of the Goodwin Funeral Home of Cherokee. Burial will be at a later date.

Marie Belie Leatherman Pshigoda was born Mar. 8, 1914, in Rosston to Frank J. and Della Jane Baer Leather-

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May 22, 2013 Page 36Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Community CalendarWednesday

9 a.m. The Woods County Senior Citizens Center, 625 Barnes, Alva, is open for games and other activities. Exercise is scheduled each day at 11 a.m. Transportation provided upon request.

Noon Alva Kiwanis Club meets at Champs Restaurant.

1-5 p.m. The Cherokee Strip Museum in Alva is open every day except Monday. For information or arranged tours, call 580-327-2030.

7 p.m. Alva Moose Lodge men’s meeting is held every Wednesday.

Thursday9 a.m. The Woods County Senior

Citizens Center, 625 Barnes, Alva, is open for games and other activities. Exercise is scheduled each day at 11 a.m.

Transportation provided upon request.Noon Alva Rotary Club meets at

Champs Restaurant.1-5 p.m. The Cherokee Strip

Museum in Alva is open every day except Monday. For information or arranged tours, call 580-327-2030.

3-6 p.m. Food distribution every Thursday, Alva Wesleyan Food Bank, 818 Lane St.

8 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous will meet at 1027 8th (Wesley House) in Alva every Monday and Thursday.

Friday9 a.m. The Woods County Senior

Citizens Center, 625 Barnes, Alva, is open for games and other activities. Exercise is scheduled each day at 11 a.m. Transportation provided upon request.

1-5 p.m. The Cherokee Strip Museum in Alva is open every day except Monday. For information or arranged tours, call 580-327-2030.

7 p.m. Narcotics Anonymous meets every Friday at the Senior Citizen Center, 122 1/2 E. Second, Cherokee.

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (37)

May 22, 2013 Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram Page 37

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (38)

May 22, 2013 Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram Page 38

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (39)

May 22, 2013 Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram Page 39

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (40)

May 22, 2013 Page 40Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Alfalfa County Sheriff’s LogMay 13, 2013

8:45 a.m. Fraud, wants to make a re-port on fraud, advised Cherokee Police Department.

9:45 a.m. Livestock at large, horse out 1 ½ miles west of the county line on Highway 11, advised owner, said he was just there and the horse is not out.

10:34 a.m. Stolen property, equip-ment stolen on Highway 11 east of Cap-ron in Alfalfa County, report taken, go-ing into Woods County.

2:26 p.m. Motorist assist, out 1 mile south of Cherokee, all okay, someone stopped to take pictures.

5:35 p.m. Transport prisoner in cus-tody, brought in one white male with no local charges, deputy transported him to Garfield County.

6:26 p.m. Miscellaneous, respon-dent said they have a broken gas line a half-block east of the fire station in Burlington, advised Burlington Fire and Rescue.

8:36 p.m. Domestic disturbance, re-spondent said that he and his mom got into a fight and she beat him up and was throwing things at him and he grabbed a knife to defend himself and she started throwing more things at him, he grabbed another knife and was able to get out of the house and make it to the Jiffy Trip, wants to go to his grandpa’s, advised deputies and OHP, deputy needs num-ber to DHS hot line or on call.

May 14, 20133:03 p.m. Reckless driver, grain

hauler driving recklessly northbound into Cherokee on Highway 7, deputy en route, on Ohio at Jiffy Trip.

3:40 p.m. Miscellaneous, respondent advised there is a new rig going up be-hind the church next to the post office, semis are turning around in the church parking lot and that is not made to han-dle that weight, asked if deputy could

ask them to stop, land owner is going to try and get signs put up to keep the semis from turning around in there.

4:30 p.m. Minor accident, two semis swiped mirrors at junction of highways 64/8, everything receiving well, just needs to make a report, advised OHP.

May 15, 201312:34 p.m. Miscellaneous, water

truck dumping water in ditch on Garvin Rd. ½ mile west of Highway 64, deputy advised.

3:53 p.m. Reckless driver, construc-tion with pipe headed south on Highway 8 turned west on 45 to Carmen, advised Woods County, respondent called back, they were sitting at a house north of Main on Fifth with their lights on and flipping him off, called back said they went to the Jiffy Trip, deputy was with the vehicle, prisoner in custody one white male, the implied request has been read and refused, owner of vehicle was en route to pick it up.

4:55 p.m. Dog at large, there were boxers that were running loose in Aline, the owners of the dogs did not put them on leashes when they walked them, she has pit bulls and she was worried that they would jump the fence and fight the boxers.

6:36 p.m. Livestock in roadway, there was a mare and foal in the middle of the road, foal was lying in the road, advised possible owner.

May 16, 201310:11 a.m. Minor accident in Goltry

on Highway 45 and Seventh St., non injury, road is blocked, advised deputy and OHP, rescue is already on scene, trooper en route.

10:22 a.m. Motorist assist, north of four corners for traffic control for a truck.

May 17, 20133:55 p.m. Miscellaneous, there were

a couple of knuckle heads lying in the middle of the road on pillows, one was wearing a foam OSU hat, advised depu-ty, deputy advised that he had told them to go home.

6:06 p.m. Dog bite, respondent ad-vised he was bitten by a dog in Nesca-tunga, deputy spoke with owners of the dogs and they are taking them to the vet, vet will hold the dogs for 10 days quar-antine, owner advised dogs were at the vet.

May 18, 20133:36 p.m. Struck deer, he had struck

a deer on Highway 45 west of Helena, his car was still drivable, deer had run off into the field, needed to make a re-port for his insurance, advised OHP, called back advised take no further ac-tion, spoke to his insurance they said he didn’t need a report.

6:24 p.m. Debris in roadway, there was a power line and the pole was ly-ing in the road 1 ¾ miles east of Jet on Highway 64, advised OG&E and Jet Fire Department, JFD advised roadway has been cleared.

11:59 p.m. 911 call, medical emer-gency, respondent advised she is 28 weeks pregnant, there is blood every-where, she is in the RV park, advised CPD request to contact her husband, sheriff’s office was unable to make con-tact, advised they will keep trying.

May 19, 201312:00 p.m. Break/enter, respondent

said her son and some friends were on the property last night and left his truck there, when he went back to get it, his truck had been broken into and stuff stolen, need to make a report, deputy is going to take care of it, got a report and the mother is bringing in some pictures.

12:38 p.m. Break/enter, someone tried to kick his fence down and steal some oil stuff, someone had stolen some puppies from him, deputy advised and en route.

1:20 p.m. Miscellaneous, wants an officer to go make a report, someone has driven through his hot-wire fence and drove through his wheat pasture, advised deputy.

3:30 p.m. Information, Carmen ad-vised that he had a report of a tornado on the ground north of Dacoma mov-ing towards Alfalfa County, advised to get an officer headed that way, storm was moving into the city, advised there was hail, storm had high winds and hail moving toward Jet, there was golf ball sized hail north of Nescatunga, advised National Weather Service.

11:24 p.m. 911 call, structure fire, house is on fire at 400 block of N. 9th in Kiowa, Kan., advised Barber County.

May 20, 20137:27 a.m. Livestock in roadway, cat-

tle out ½ to 1 mile south of the Carmen junction on Highway 8, advised pos-sible owner.

7:53 a.m. Livestock in roadway, horse 3 miles north of Jet on Highway 38, advised possible owner.

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (41)

May 22, 2013 Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram Page 41

A good looking wheat crop. Combines in the field. Oil workers in other fields. This is the time for an aerial photo session.

A photo-shoot while everythingis green would make a great giftlater on.

$489 (plus tax & fuel replacement) gets a flight and photo session plus an 10 x 8 album of the images.

Lynn MartinPhotography


Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (42)

May 22, 2013 Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram Page 42

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (43)

May 22, 2013 Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram Page 43

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (44)

May 22, 2013 Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram Page 44

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (45)

May 22, 2013 Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram Page 45

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (46)

May 22, 2013 Page 46Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Alfalfa County Court FilingsAccording to the affidavits and peti-

tions on file, the following individuals have been charged. An individual is in-nocent of any charges listed below until proven guilty in a court of law. All in-formation is a matter of public record and may be obtained by anyone dur-ing regular hours at the Alfalfa County Courthouse. The Alva Review-Courier will not intentionally alter or delete any of this information. If it appears in the courthouse public records, it will appear in this newspaper.

Criminal FilingsMelonie Mechelle Bacon, 31, Jay:

(1) Distribution on synthetic CDS; (2) Bringing contraband into penal institu-tion ($531).

Desiree Ann Spence, 26, Duncan: (1) Bringing contraband into a penal institution; (2) Bringing a cell phone or electronic device in penal institution ($598.50).

Danny Eugene Paulin, 42, Duncan: (1) Bringing contraband into a penal institution; (2) Bringing a cell phone or electronic device in penal institution ($627.01).

Misdemeanor FilingsTye Judd, 20, Fairview: Obtaining

cash and/or merchandise by bogus check ($304).

Timothy Scott Mackey, 32, Lavaca,

Ark.: Obtaining cash and/or merchan-dise by bogus check ($304).

Dearl Tobey III, 21, Spiro: (1) Driv-ing while under the influence; (2) Pos-session of alcohol by person under 21; (3) Possession of Oklahoma driver’s license with altered information ($687).

Willard Dean Cacy, 57, Woodward: (1) DUI (Sheriff and Highway Patrol with VCA); (2) Driving while license is under suspension; (3) Unlawful posses-sion of paraphernalia ($1,274).

Desiree Ann Spence, 26, Duncan: Bringing contraband into penal institu-tion ($229).

Patrick William Chancellor, 37, Oklahoma City: Driving while license is under suspension ($296.50).

Danny Eugene Paulin, 42, Duncan: Possession of contraband in a penal in-stitution ($229).

Larry Bryce Harris Jr., 38, Cherokee: (1) Driving while under the influence; (2) Driving while license is revoked ($1,015).

Civil FilingsTerry Allen Cortez vs. Alliance Inc.:

Negligence for an amount in excess of $75,000 ($213.70).

Marriage FilingsTommy Earl Bennett, 38, Cherokee,

and Rhonda Marie Nelson, 40, Chero-kee: Marriage ceremony performed by

judge ($60).Dustin Ray Walker, 28, Helena, and

Jennifer Lynn Courson, 32, Cherokee: Marriage license with certificate ($5).

Paternity FilingsState of Oklahoma vs. Felix Scott

Withrow III and Chandace Grace Cal-lender: Paternity ($135.70).

Traffic FilingsBrady Charles Weeks, 24, Seiling:

Overweight vehicle gross ($446.50).David Verril White, 46, Dover: Im-

proper backing ($211.50).Larry Bryce Harris Jr., 38, Chero-

kee: Transporting open container of beer ($316).

James S. Hart, 38, Heber Springs, Ark.: Failure to carry insurance verifi-cation (state dismissed without fine or costs).

The following individuals received a citation for speeding:

Theodore Bryan Patzkowsky, 27, Fairview: 26-30 over ($341.50); Chad Allen Pinkerton, 22, Watonga: 1-10 over ($188.50); Brian Charles Collins, 29, Burlington: 16-20 over ($241.50); Raul R. Conejo, 62, Fort Worth, Texas: construction 11-15 over ($246.50); John H. Bunch, no age or address listed: 11-14 over ($226.50); Christopher Ba-sil Belveal, 27, Stillwater: 16-20 over ($241.50); Edward Puffinbarger, 56, Cherokee: 1-10 over ($188.50 state dis-missed).

The following individuals received a citation for failure to wear seatbelt ($20 fine):

Willard Dean Cacy, 57, Woodward.

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (47)

May 22, 2013 Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram Page 47

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (48)

May 22, 2013 Page 48Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Alfalfa County Real Estate Transactions

Barber County Sheriff’s Log05-13-13 Medicine Lodge Rural Vol-

unteer Fire Department responded to a grass fire along River about 3 miles west of Medicine Lodge.

05-13-13 David Cathey, Bowlegs, Okla., driving a 2007 Chevrolet pickup overturned on K2 at the curves west of Kiowa. Over $1,000 damage, driver taken to Kiowa Hospital via Kiowa Am-bulance with unknown injuries, accident investigated by Undersheriff Tedder and Deputy English aided by the Kiowa Res-cue Squad.

05-13-13 Kiowa Ambulance trans-ferred patient from Kiowa Hospital to Wichita.

05-14-13 Karen Larson, Medicine Lodge, driving a 2007 Buick, struck a deer on U160 about 1 mile east of Medi-cine Lodge. Over $1,000 damage, no

injury, accident worked by Undersheriff Tedder.

05-14-13 Brett Edwards, Medicine Lodge, driving a 2008 Chevrolet pickup struck a pipe in the ditch at Shattuck and Falcon Roads. Unknown amount of dam-age, no injury, accident investigated by Deputy McCullough.

05-15-13 Kiowa Ambulance trans-ported patient from near Hazelton to Ki-owa Hospital.

05-17-13 Medicine Lodge Ambu-lance transferred patient from Medicine Lodge Hospital to Wichita.

During the week officers received four reports of cattle out, two reports of goats out, performed 29 public assists and assisted seven other agencies.

Arrests 05-14-13 Jason D. Courson, Kiowa,

W/M, 39. Arrest by BASO. Charge: Fail to Appear. Released 05-14-13 on $1,000 Cash Bond.

05-15-13 James E. Smith Jr, Kiowa, B/M, 23. Arrest by KWPD. Charged on two Reno County warrants. Released 05-16-13 to Custody of Reno County Sheriff.

05-16-13 Christopher J. Barth, Pitts-burg, W/M, 28. Arrest by BASO. Charge: Give Worthless Check.

05-18-13 Gregory S. Kessler, Medi-cine Lodge, W/M, 39. Arrest by BASO. Charges: Reckless Driving 2. Attempt to Flee and Elude 3. Criminal Threat. Re-leased 05-19-13 on $22,000 Surety Bond.

05-19-13 Bascom R. Cropp, Hope-ton, Okla., W/M, 27. Arrest by BASO. Charges: Possess Drug Paraphernalia 2. No driver’s license 3. Theft. Released 05-19-13 on $3,000 Surety Bond.

Beginning book 710 page 768Real Estate Transfers

Kim R. Johnson & Cathy L. Johnson to Kim R. Johnson & Cathy L. John-son: (1) Lots 27, 28 & 29 in Block 12 in the Town of Helena; (2) the South Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 1, Township 23 North, Range 11, WIM; (3) the South Half of Section 11, Town-ship 23 North, Range 11, WIM: Quit Claim Deed.

Billy Ruth Girty to Billy Ruth Girty and/or Paula K. Franks: Lot 5 in Block 1 in Powell & Museller’s Addition to the

City of Cherokee: Warranty Deed.Charles & Linda Tucker to Evelyn

A. Judd: a tract of land in the North-east Quarter of Section 11, Township 26 North, Range 11, WIM: Quit Claim Deed.

Edna Mae Lambert, Trustee of the Steve Lambert Trust dated 1/22/1996 and Edna Mae Lambert, Trustee of the Edna Mae Lambert Trust dated 1/22/1996 to the State of Oklahoma act-ing through the Department of Transpor-tation of the United States of America: a strip, piece or parcel of land lying in the

Southwest Quarter of Section 1, Town-ship 25 North, Range 9, WIM: Warranty Deed.

Steven Walz & Barbara Walz to SandRidge Exploration and Production LLC: a 5.00 acre tract of land in the South Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 5, Township 26 North, Range 11, WIM, Less and except the oil, gas and other minerals: Special Warranty Deed.

Chad Roach & Jennifer Roach and Michael Roach to Kendall Arganbright: all of Lot 11 and the South Half of Lot 12 in Block 5 of the West Side Addition to the City of Cherokee: Warranty Deed.

Charles R. Funk to Connie Hern-don & Presley E. Herndon: Lot 1 in Block 7 of McSparrin’s Subdivision in the Southwest Quarter of the South-east Quarter of Section 3, Township 26 North, Range 9, WIM: Joint Tenancy Quit Claim Deed.

Charles R. Funk to Connie Herndon & Presley E. Herndon: Lot 1 in Block 6 of McSparrin’s Subdivision in the South-west Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 3, Township 26 North, Range 9, WIM: Joint Tenancy Quit Claim Deed.

MortgagesKendall Arganbright to ACB Bank:

all of Lot 11 and the South Half of Lot 12 in Block 5 of the West Side Addition to the City of Cherokee: $18,000.

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (49)

Specialty Sandwiches& Soup

May 22, 2013 caxca Page 49Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Animals and Pets

Free to Good Home

3 year old Pit Bull. Great disposition. Make good farm dog. 580-402-3133. Please text

Adult Cat

needs a good home. Call 580-327-3462

For Sale

Purebred black Maine-Anjou Bull sem*n checked and ready to work. Sired by GVC Maverick and out of a Hotline Cow. Glen Elliott, 580-474-2281 or 580-829-2669


For Sale

‘08 Durango LX 5th Wheel. 37ft. 4 slides. King Size Bed. Queen Sofa Sleeper. 2 Recliners. 2 AC’s. Asking $27,800. 620-660-0795 (Hardtner, KS) Rita

For Sale

‘98 Cadillac Deville. $3000 obo. 580-327-1914 or 580-541-7870

For Sale

24 x 56 Mobile Home to be moved. 620-886-3628

For Sale

‘06 5th Wheel, 2 bdrm, Sleeps up to 8, Washer/Dryer, Awning, Lots of Extras. Great for living or working in. 870-329-6561. (located in OKC)

For Sale

‘07 Timpte, 72 x 42 x 102. New Tarp. Vibrators on lower rail, air ride. Brakes 50%, tires 75%. $26,000. 620-388-0564

Business Services

Annual Meeting

for Short Springs Cemetery Association. Monday, May 27th at 11 am at the Short Springs Schoolhouse

Need New Sidewalks?

Driveway perhaps, we do all types of concrete work. Stamp and Colors also avail. Give us a call for estimates. 580-732-1028

ADSAC Services Avail

DUI/ADSAC Drug and Alcohol Assessments, 10 & 24 Hour DUI Schools, 6 & 12 Week Substance Abuse Counseling groups and Victim’s Impact Panels available. As wells as Substance Abuse individual and group counseling services. Contact 580-327-2356 or 580-748-0692 to schedule an appointment

Caregiver Available

for Alva and Surrounding Area. 580-327-7663

Box Office Hits

Great movies playing this weekend at Rialto Theatre, “Hangover 3,” “Fast and Furious 6,” “Epic” and Star Trek”

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (50)

May 22, 2013 caxca Page 50Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Depot Bar & Grill

Wed Lunch Special-Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Corn on The Cob, Chocolate Pound Cake. Thur-Baked Ham Sandwich, Coleslaw, Chips, Banana Split Brownie Cake. Fri- Chicken Fry, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Corn Roll, Vanilla Ring Cake. Full Menu Every Day. Carry-Out avail. 580-327-2212

Affordable Baths

Walk-in Showers, we do it all from design to finish. 620-825-4300

Half Price!

Kids/Adult Avon Bug Guard and Suntan Products in stock. Call 580-748-2272

Exotic Heat Wave

Come on down to the Exotic Heat Wave and see Angie for your summer hair cuts and color. As always, All hair cuts are $10 every Wednesday. If you bring an item to be donated to the Moore Tornado Victims you will receive a $5 off certificate for any hair or nail service. Call 620-253-1261 to make an appointment. Walk-ins always welcome

Hardtner RV Park

$325/mo. Includes water, sewer & electric. Close to Alva, Kiowa, and Medicine Lodge. Call Durwin 580-829-1069.


Consignment Sales. Glen’s Gun Shop, Aline, OK. New guns most weeks. 2 AR-15, Henry 22 Caliber Rifle, 1 Block 40 caliber. 10% discount of all guns. 580-430-5400

Replacement Window Sale

Energy Efficient. All styles available. DIY or will install. 620-825-4300

It’s Getting Hot

in here! Does this sound like your house? We have Window Unit Air Conditioners. Stop in Now & get yours before they’re all gone. Radio Shack. 609 College

Need a Better Doghouse

How “bout a new steel building when your castle is off limits? Call us today. WFM Total Construction, LLC. 580-327-7935.

Dan’s Pest Control

Guarantees you a Pest Free home or business, at an affordable price. It is time to get your home treated for Spiders, Scorpions, Wasps, Ants, Flies, Bed Bugs & other flying & crawling pests. Dan and Sherry will be servicing the Alva area Apr 29, 30, May 1, 2, 3, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 28, 29, 30, 31. 580-748-1953

Clean Sharp Look!

Shrub & Bush Trimming. Also get your sidewalks & curbs edged with a true edger not a weed eater for a nice sharp look. 580-732-3472 (cell)

Tree Service

Tree Trimming, Removal, Stump Grinding. Have Bucket Truck, Skid Steer & Stump Grinder. Pesky trees due to drought, limbs over house, etc, give us a call. Work Guaranteed. Customer Satisfaction is our goal. No job too big or small. Free Estimates. Contact Terry at 580-922-0165

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (51)

May 22, 2013 caxca Page 51Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

For Your Const Needs

From A-Z, New Construction, Roofing, Additions, Remodeling, Siding, Windows, Int/Ext, Painting, All Work Guaranteed. Improve the value of your home. Call 580-732-1028

Computer Plus

For all computer repair needs call Adam Swallow at 580-327-4449 or 580-748-2349 or come by 1329 Fair. Will do local housecalls

Need Hay Next Winter?

Hay season is fast approaching. Call Mat for your custom hay needs. 580-216-1413

Voice Lessons

For Kids of All Ages! For Info, Contact Savannah at [emailprotected].

Pasture Tree Clearing

Save moisture & grass. Let me clear trees in your pasture. Skid Steer & Marshall Tree Saw. Ed Grover 580-474-2465 or 580-542-0298


Help Wanted

Share Convalescent Home seeks Full-Time RN or LPN for all shifts. Full-Time Laundry/Housekeeping Tech and Part-Time Dietary Aide. Please call 580-430-3390

Tiny Blessings Daycare

in Kiowa, KS is taking applications for Full-Time or Part-Time Childcare Providers. Ability to pass background check required. Call 620-213-9011

Help Wanted

Jack’s Automotive, Cherokee, OK. is looking for a Full-Time Secretary/Office. Will work NAPA Auto Parts, Retail Hardware, Light Industrial, Farm Supplies, Vehicle Repair. 580-748-1459

Now Hiring

Premier Aerospace Services & Technology, Inc. hiring 2 full-time production positions. Competitive pay & benefits. Flexible work hours. applications available at 1729 OK Blvd. EOE

Help Needed

Western Equipment LLC in Alva is looking for a full time tractor service tech to perform basic diagnostics & service repairs. Need excellent knowledge of mechanical, electrical, & hydraulic systems. Experience preferred. High School diploma or GED required. Medical/dental/vision/life ins, 401K, paid vac. & holidays. Pick up an app at 3126 College Blvd. in Alva or email [emailprotected]

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (52)



May 22, 2013 caxca Page 52Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Continued on Page 54

Help Wanted

Depot Bar & Grill. Bartender. Pick-Up application at 3 N college. 580-327-7011

Now Hiring

Class A Drivers for all shifts. Earn over $1500/Weekly. $17-$19.50/Hourly. Excellent Benefits. Over 30 years in Business. Come be a valued member of our growing company that takes pride in our equipment and provides extensive oilfield training. Drug Testing Required. Nicholas Services. 620-930-7511


Competitive Pay! Local-Home often. Vacations/Benefits. CDL-A, 2 years & 100K+ mi exp. Walk-Ins Welcome. Hodges Trucking. 855-CHK-HAUL

Help Wanted

Lite-N-Nite. Apply in person. 1624 Okla Blvd

Help Wanted

needing Farm labor. Some experience required. Smoke Free Environment. 580-829-1200

Farm Supplies

We Want Your Wheat

Best prices for new crop or cash, picked up at your farm. or call 405-999-5148

Custom Haying

Swathing, Breaking, Round Baling and Canola Swathing. 580-884-0657 or 580-484-1025

Farmers Please Help

65 year old looking for hunting lease for Deer anywhere from $1000 to $30,000 a year. 580-541-0999

For Sale

50ft of Cattle Wind Breaks. Super Heavy Duty. $100. 580-829-1128

For Sale

‘10 Timpte Grain Hopper, Air Ride, Vibrator, New Tarp, $27,000. 620-825-4364 or 620-825-6128

Garage Sales

Lost Treasure Auction

430 E Main. Enid, OK. Consignments taken daily. Auction every Thursday night at 6pm. 580-237-5100

Yard Sale

1229 Locust. Alva. Thurs 5-7pm. Fri and Sat 8am-4pm

Garage Sale

921 Barnes. Fri May 24 4-8pm. Tons of baby/kids items, charcoal grill (small) smoker upright

Washington ECC

annual Garage Sale will be Nescatunga morning 7:30-9:30am. Donated items greatly appreciated (no clothes, please). Drop off items at school

Yard Sale

Sat. 9-? on 1102 4th St.Kids items, girls clothes, lots of misc.

Lawn Care

Need Your Yard Mowed?

580-430-8135. Call for estimate


Yards to mow. 580-748-4064


For Sale

large Dog House. 580-430-6052

Gone, Gone, Gone

We will be closed Friday (24) thru Monday (27). Scribner Salvage. 1208 Fair St. Alva

For Rent

Carpet Shampooer for your home. GNK Vacuum Store Sales & Service. 722 E Okla Blvd. 580-327-1311


Needed, one walker. Contact Sherry Williams.

For Sale

Electric Lift Chair. Thomasville Dining Room Set with Hutch. 580-327-0583

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (53)

May 22, 2013 Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram Page 53

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (54)

May 22, 2013 caxca Page 54Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram


All VFW members please attend a meeting Friday, May 24 at 6:30pm. This is needed to determine the future of our local VFW Post. Gerald Wilson, Commander

Wrench Monkey Garage

Full mechanic shop, diesel, automotive, heavy equipment. 580-430-9082

School’s Out!

Starting Friday at Rialto-”Epic.” Kids movie in 3D showing daily at 1:30 and 6:45

For Sale

Lots of Railroad Ties and Structural Pipe. 580-884-7083

Class of 1963

May 25, 2013 from 1-4pm at Runnymede Cultural Center, AHS Class of 1963 will be hosting Open House for any AHS grad, old enough—or young enough--to know the Class of 1963. Come visit with us

Real Estate

For Rent

Mobile Home Spots. $1100/Month includes utilities. 936-590-9961

For Sale

5yr old 2560 sqft very nice Solitaire that needs to be moved. Will pay for all moving costs. Email for pics and details. Serious lookers only. [emailprotected]

Woodlake Estates

Price Reduced. New on Market. Lot for sale by owner. Excellent size, shape and location. $38,000. 580-748-0291

For Rent

in Cherokee. 1 bdrm. Bath, Living Room Apt. Dish TV. Small Refrig and Microwave. 316-734-5485

For Sale

2bdrm, 1bth home at 325 Center in Alva. Many updates including new roof, carpet, paint, gas range and more. 580-430-1571 or 580-273-1002 for information

For Rent

3 bdrm Apt in Cherokee. Dishwasher, Stove, Dish TV. All Bills paid. 316-734-5485

For Rent

913 Barnes. 3 bdrs, 1 bth, $800/mo

For Rent

927 Barnes. 5 bdrms, 2 bth, very nice, CH/A $1500/mo, families only

For Rent

RV Spaces with full hook-ups. 50 or 100 amp service. 580-430-1389

For Rent

Normandy Apt.2 bdrm. 1702 College. 405-659-4199

For Sale

2bdrm, 2bth Home in Cherokee, OK. 580-603-3943

For Rent

1 bdrm Apt. $600/Month. All Bills Paid. No Pets. 580-430-6052

For Rent

Buffalo Plains RV Park. New Spacious Full Hook-Ups & WiFi. $275/Month. Call 580-735-2569. Find us on Facebook

Oak Creek Homes

Mobile and Modular provider for over 42 years. Single-Wide, Double-Wide and Triple-Wides. Over 200 floor plans available or customize your home. Visit us at or 6131 S Shields, 866-997-0400

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (55)

May 22, 2013 Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram Page 55

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (56)

Alva Newsgram - [PDF Document] (2024)
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