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The Maytag brand of washing machines is modern equipment offering efficiency for washing and drying clothes.

Many of these units boast electrical components which require proper diagnosing.

With newer models, there are provisions to self-test or set the machine to diagnostic mode.

A Maytag washer error code f9 e2 corresponds to miscommunication or bad communication between parts.

Specifically, the problem lies in bad communication between the drain pump circuitry and the control board.

When this error code appears, it is important to follow the suggested solutions precisely.

Failure to do so could cause more problems within the unit and possibly additional error codes.

What Does Mean Error Code f9 e2 on Maytag Washer?

The Maytag unit you own boasts intricate components that are meant to make life easier.

These components also highlight issues for you to respond to accordingly.

A Maytag washer error code f9 e2 suggests that your drain pump and its circuits are not communicating well with the control board.

This is also known as the CCU, or central control unit.

When signals sent are not received well the machine will not work as it should.

It means the drain pump in this case won’t remove dirty water from the drum.

This in turn suggests that you might receive other error codes including some that pinpoint rinsing or water issues.

Maytag Washer Error Code f9 e2 – Causes

Bad Wiring

If wires come loose due to moving or bad wiring after maintenance, this could be the cause of the error code.

Faulty wiring means the control unit is sending the wrong signals or no signals at all.

Other factors or components within the machine could be responsible for this error message too.


The drain pump needs to be clean for communication to follow through and programs to be implemented.

The drain pump might be obstructed and thus water cannot flow from the unit.

If the CCU keeps sending signals for the cycle to be completed and the drain pump is unresponsive it could trigger the above error code.

There are filters around the drain pump that can get clogged and lead to the Maytag washer displaying that error code.

Control Board

Like all electrical appliances, the Maytag washer might be experiencing CCU problems.

If the central control unit had a short circuit or has simply aged and needed replacing, then such issues will arise.

This control board is not universal for all units and would need to be examined first before ordering a new one.

It is better to have the model number ready before ordering from an online store or calling Maytag vendors.

Power Surges

Most washing machine owners have surge protectors directly connected to the machine, or as part of the home wiring.

This helps to prevent power surges and fluctuations from damaging equipment.

When power surges cause short circuits on equipment, it is possible to receive some errors.

While it is not conclusive which error comes up due to surges, they are prone to occur.

It means testing the unit first is important before ordering new parts or repairs out of instinct.

Broken Wires

Aside from loose or bad wiring you could have broken wires.

This would cause the Maytag washer error code f9 e2 to be displayed.

These broken wires could be a result of heavy loads causing the machine to shake uncontrollably.

Broken wires can cause unimaginable damage to the washer and your house.

It is a problem of great concern considering water and electricity (bare wires) should not mix.


When folks relocate washing machines must be moved professionally.

If your washer was hauled from one place to another with plenty of bumps along the way, likely, some wires came apart.

This might be the case when the machine still runs because they are slowly shredding or becoming bare, yet not completely disconnected.

The Maytag error code f9 e2 does not display due to drain pump issues.

It is strictly a question of bad or miscommunication between the pump and the CCU.

It remains entirely a communication problem and less of a mechanical issue.

Maytag Washer Error Code f9 e2 – Fixes

Fixing these error codes is easier than one might think.

These new-age washers make life easier when in use and even when problems arise.


Unplug the Maytag washer and plug it back in after a few minutes.

You must let the power flow out of the unit and allow it to reset.

Resetting the washer lets it return to default mode or settings.

This should clear any errors and allow you to use the machine normally.

If, however, the Maytag washer error code f9 e2 reappears then it is time to take further steps.

Either way, unplugging and reconnecting a washer to its power source should be the first attempt at clearing any error codes.


Check to see that all wires are connected properly.

Loose connections are easy to note because wires should not be easily removable.

Check the wires connecting the drain pump and the other end connecting the control board.

These should be firmly connected and if not, you should proceed to tighten them with the machine turned off.

If wires are bare due to getting worn out, they need to be replaced.

Remember, any time water mixes with electricity bad things tend to happen.

Remove Debris

After checking hoses and picking up signs of debris the next step is removal.

Check any screens on the hoses and clean them out if lint, dirt, grime, or other particles are noticeable.

Anything that obstructs the free flowing of water to and from the machine is bound to create error codes.

This debris should be removed from the tray too.

This is usually at the bottom of the machine and meant to hold foreign objects like coins along with lint from clothing.

Simply removing the tray is enough to let out excess water and of course dirt.

Restrict Movement

Focus on better ways to move the unit aside from simply shifting it across the floor.

Most problems with the Maytag washer error code f9 e2 center on wiring and communication.

It means it is unlikely the drain pump has issues.

This further means that attempts to move the machine can lead to wires going out of place, which can cause errors.

When relocating, always keep the machine in its upright position.

This might not seem like a plausible reason for wires to go out of place, but a moving truck going over bumps and such is bound to move wires out of place.


Avoid overloading your machine as this causes problems with the agitator and wires too.

A single overload can cause the machine to dance around uncontrollably.

This also causes damage to several components and wires are included.

Keep the loads within the maximum capacity, usually 7, 10, 12, or 15 KGS.

If loads exceed this limit, it is possible to have hoses and pipes fall out of place too.

These cause other error codes and additional problems.

Control Board

Replace the control board if the wires are okay and not shredded.

Also, if these connections are deemed appropriate, it will not be an issue within the drain pump.

Simply locate professional techs within proximity to help with sourcing and replacing the CCU.

If the control board is the culprit there will be other problems or errors popping up, which remain unexplained.

Again, this is a problem better solved after consulting an expert.


Some owners simply move the motor around after checking wires.

This can be a form of returning optimal communication between the wires and the CCU.

While it is not guaranteed to fix the Maytag error code f9 e2 displaying issue, it has helped many to reset the machine.

Remember that once wires come out of place, other parts need resetting of sorts too, which includes the motor.

When motors and wires are concluded to be okay, the above step is the last resort to fixing the error code messages.

Washing machines tend to have more electrical issues when they undergo severe shaking.

For instance, a fridge may not need compressors or gas to be refilled as often because it stands still.

The washing machine you own needs tender loving care, which might include a wooden pallet.

These pallets help keep the machine from wobbling uncontrollably during spin cycles.

Bottom Line

This brand of washing machines is part of an elite system of washers for the new-age market.

If a Maytag washer displays such errors they need to be dealt with accordingly.

Promptly handling such matters ensures better living for you and your family.

In all instances, always seek professionals to source, buy and replace such parts.

Electrical repairs and the risks therein should be handled with care and warranties can help too.

If the machine is within warranty, such replacements can be done free of charge.


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Maytag Washer Error Code f9 e2 - 6 Reasons And 7 Solutions - Top Home Apps (2024)


How do I reset the error code on my Maytag washer? ›

Press START/PAUSE once to clear the code, then press START/PAUSE again to restart washer. If the code doesn't clear, Contact Us or Schedule Service Online.

What is the code F9 E2? ›

The E2 F9 error means that the communication between the pump and the control board is failing. That could be a bad wire connection between the pump and control board, or your main CCU control board mounted in the upper front right corner under the top panel of the washer is failing and needs to be replaced.

How do I fix F9 error on my washing machine? ›

Follow the checks below to resolve error code E1/F9.
  1. Try a Reset. Sometimes an error code is caused by a control board glitch, where resetting the washer is all it takes to resolve the error code. ...
  2. Check your Detergent. ...
  3. Check the Drain Hose. ...
  4. Clean the Filter. ...
  5. Check the Drain Pump. ...
  6. Check the Wiring.
Nov 1, 2021

What does F6 E2 mean on a Whirlpool top load washer? ›

The F6 E2 alert indicates there is issue with the appliance control unit, user interface or associated wiring. Unplug the washer, wait five minutes, then plug back in.

What is E2 error on washing machine? ›

E2: If you see this error code, it means that there is a drainage issue. Check to see if the drain pump is clogged and if necessary, call a technician for help. E3: This error code means that the door lock is broken.

What does F8 E2 mean on a Maytag washer? ›

F8 E2 Code in display:

This indicates there is a problem with the Dispenser System. Verify detergent drawer or detergent cartridge is not clogged with detergent.

How do I manually reset my Maytag washer? ›

Disconnect the Power. Disconnecting the washer's electricity for three minutes is the simplest way to reset a Maytag washing machine. When the power is cut off, the washing machine's electrical charge can dissipate, allowing it to reset. If the reset doesn't work, unplug the washer once more, this time for ten minutes.

What is F9 on Maytag? ›

The F9 error code on a Maytag oven signifies a malfunction with the oven's door latch mechanism. This problem arises when there's a faulty wiring connection, or debris blocks the door switch, preventing it from working correctly.

What does F9 error code mean? ›

The LG oven F9 error indicates that the oven is unable to reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit after 5 minutes of preheating. This error is commonly caused by a faulty relay board, thermostat, temperature sensor, main control board, or a blown fuse. However, in gas ovens, this error is most often caused by a faulty igniter.

Will unplugging Maytag washer reset it? ›

To fully reset the washer, hit the “start” button. Then, reach down and unplug the washer from the wall, waiting 10 seconds. Finally, plug the washer back in. If the washer does not turn on automatically after plugging in the machine, then it has successfully reset.

How do I reset my Maytag washing machine control board? ›

To reset the washer's control panel:

If your washer is plugged into an outlet, simply unplug the unit for one minute and then plug the unit back in. If the washer is hard-wired to the power supply, turn the breaker off at the home electrical panel that powers the washer for one minute and then turn the breaker back on.

What does F8 e2 mean on a Maytag washer? ›

F8 E2 Code in display:

This indicates there is a problem with the Dispenser System. Verify detergent drawer or detergent cartridge is not clogged with detergent.

What does F9 mean on Maytag range? ›

The F9 error code on a Maytag oven signifies a malfunction with the oven's door latch mechanism. This problem arises when there's a faulty wiring connection, or debris blocks the door switch, preventing it from working correctly.

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